My Anxiety Levels

Help children think about their responses to anxiety and how they can manage their anxiety response.

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Resource Info

In this worksheet we've categorised anxiety into three levels - helping children to think about their body responses, thoughts and feelings at each stage as their anxiety levels increase.

About this resource:

My Anxiety Levels is an engaging worksheet designed to help children and teenagers manage their anxiety more effectively. This resource categorises anxiety into three levels, allowing individuals to identify and understand their responses to anxiety. By promoting self-awareness, it empowers them to develop effective coping strategies and become more mindful of their anxiety response.

• Anxiety Management: The worksheet guides individuals in recognising and managing their anxiety response. It encourages them to explore their emotions and triggers at different anxiety levels, helping them to develop a deeper understanding of their anxiety patterns.
• Coping Strategies: At each anxiety level, the worksheet prompts individuals to identify strategies that can help them alleviate their anxiety. This empowers them to develop a personalised toolkit of effective coping techniques.
• Mindfulness and Awareness: By engaging with the worksheet, children can become more mindful of how anxiety manifests in their bodies, thoughts, and emotions. This heightened awareness enables them to proactively address their anxiety and take appropriate actions.
• User-Friendly Format: The worksheet is designed in a user-friendly format, making it easy to understand and complete. The clear structure and thoughtful prompts encourage individuals to reflect on their anxiety levels and explore strategies that work best for them.


• Anxiety Management: The worksheet promotes effective anxiety management by encouraging individuals to identify and address their anxiety at different levels.
• Coping Skills Development: By exploring and selecting coping strategies, individuals develop a range of techniques to manage their anxiety effectively.
• Self-Awareness: Increased awareness of anxiety responses helps individuals recognise early signs of anxiety and take proactive steps to manage their anxiety before reaching the next level.
• Empowerment: This resource empowers individuals to take control of their anxiety by providing them with a structured framework for understanding and managing their anxiety levels.

My Anxiety Levels is suitable for children and teens who experience anxiety or want to develop a better understanding of their anxiety responses.