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"My eldest daughter is under a psychologist and the resources are few and far between compared to what you have available on your website! I will be sharing your site with our local hospital trust, as well as her school because they need to be seen far and wide!"

- Be Happy Hub Customer. Paula

Competition! -Design a monster to be featured in our Monster Cards!

Our Monster Cards are our bestselling product, helping children to talk about and manage their emotions. Now, we are giving your little one a chance to design a monster to be featured in our pack! Their monster will be adapted into a computerised vector image, which you will keep, and be printed as part of the set. The winner will see their design brought to life and used by children far and wide. They will have to think about what emotion their monster is feeling so that little children everywhere can talk about it! Are they up for the challenge? Download the form by clicking the image [right] and follow the instructions. Submit your monster to hello@behappyresources.co.uk by Friday 17th December. You will also receive a free pack of Monster Cards featuring your child's monster as well as a framed graphic. Enter now!

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We create mental health and wellbeing resources for young children aged 3-8, this includes online and printable resources via our monthly subscription service, the Be Happy Hub, physical resources from us to your door in our shop, and free guides to help you introduce the subject of mental health as early as possible. Not sure where to start? Click a box below!

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