Things To Leave In the Past

Help children and young people step into a New Year feeling hopeful and positive with this new year themed worksheet for children and teen

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Resource Info

Things to Leave in the Past - A New Year Reflection Activity for Children and Teens

Directions: Write down all the thoughts, worries or things you want to leave in the last year on the clock. Imagine the clock striking midnight and your worries being stuck there! Optional: You could rip or scrunch up this paper and throw it away.

As we welcome 2024, let's embark on a journey of self-reflection and renewal with our new resource. Designed for children and teens, this printable and downloadable activity encourages thoughtful consideration of thoughts, worries, or things they wish to bid farewell to as they embrace a fresh start.

Striking Midnight: Symbolising Change and Transformation

Imagine a clock striking midnight, just like the one on our resource, signalling not only the end of a year but the opportunity for a new start and positive growth. In this empowering exercise, children are invited to write down the thoughts or worries they wish to leave behind in our clock template.

Reflect and Release

Using this resource, young minds can express their feelings and thoughts, allowing them to acknowledge and release them. This exercise serves as a cathartic experience, promoting emotional well-being and helping children feel positive about the future.


Encourage children to close their eyes and visualise our clock striking midnight. Picture the worries and thoughts being left behind, symbolising a powerful moment of transformation. This visualisation technique empowers them to step into the new year with a more positive mindset.

Start the New Year with Positivity and Resilience

Download your kit now and help children and teens envision a future where they leave behind the past and step into a year filled with hope, growth, and positivity.