Mindful Days of the Week Cards

A feel good question or activity for each day of the week.

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Resource Info

Our Mindful Days of the Week Cards are a delightful set of flashcards designed to introduce daily mindfulness activities and promote a sense of presence and well-being.

This printable flashcard set features a feel-good question or activity for each day of the week, providing children with prompts to engage in mindful practises and positive thinking. By incorporating these cards into their daily routine over a two-week period, children can boost their confidence and improve their mental health.

About this resource:

This resource includes a set of flashcards, each corresponding to a specific day of the week. Each card presents a question or activity that encourages mindfulness, positive thinking, and self-reflection.

• Feel Present and Mindful: By engaging with the Mindful Days of the Week Cards, children develop the ability to be present in the moment and feel more in tune with their environment. The prompts and questions on the cards encourage children to slow down, pay attention, and fully engage with their thoughts and experiences.
• Feel Happy and Grounded: The activities and questions on the cards are designed to promote positive thinking and a sense of grounding. Children are encouraged to reflect on things they are grateful for, engage in acts of kindness, and focus on the positive aspects of their lives, promoting happiness and well-being.
• Positive Thinking: The prompts and questions on the cards prompt children to engage in positive thinking and self-reflection. By focusing on uplifting and empowering thoughts, children develop a positive mindset and learn to reframe challenges into opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

Mindful Days of the Week Cards serve as a valuable tool for introducing and integrating mindful and self-care activities into everyday life. By dedicating each day to a specific mindfulness practice or reflection, children develop a routine of self-care and well-being. You can use these cards over two weeks or rotate and use every day!