Summer Bucket List

Make a summer bucket list and tick off each activity as you complete it!

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Resource Info

Gather the family round and come up with all the things you want to do this summer, and it doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, we challenge you to think of 9 cheap and cheerful things to tick off your family bucket list! Think fish and chips at the beach or a movie night in the garden... share a picture of your list on social media and tick off as you go.

About this resource:

This is an inclusive family activity suitable for children aged 3 and above. It encourages families to come together and create a list of exciting and achievable activities they want to experience during the summer months. This interactive and engaging activity promotes goal setting, positive thinking, and the joy of shared experiences.


• Family Bonding: The Summer Bucket List activity encourages family bonding by involving everyone in the process of brainstorming and creating the list. It provides an opportunity for family members to share their ideas, preferences, and desires, promoting communication, cooperation, and shared decision-making.
• Goal Setting: This activity encourages goal setting. By coming up with a list of activities they want to accomplish during the summer, children develop a sense of purpose and anticipation. Setting goals helps to build a positive mindset and motivation to engage in enjoyable experiences.
• Positive Thinking: Our Summer Bucket List helps children focus on fun and joyful activities and all the things they want to do, not the things they can’t do.
• Creative Options: This resource prompts creativity and resourcefulness in finding budget-friendly experiences, such as picnics, nature walks, homemade crafts, or family movie nights. It emphasises that meaningful and enjoyable experiences can be found without excessive spending.
• Social Sharing: Families are invited to share their bucket list on social media platforms, enabling them to connect with others and inspire fellow families. Sharing their progress and ticking off activities as they go not only adds a sense of accomplishment but also creates a supportive and encouraging virtual community.

The Summer Bucket List activity brings families closer together, encourages goal setting, and promotes positive thinking. By engaging in the process of brainstorming and creating a list of summer activities, families embark on a journey of shared experiences and meaningful connections. From simple pleasures to adventurous undertakings, the Summer Bucket List sparks joy and encourages families to make lasting memories.