Emotion Scenario Cards

These Emotion Scenario Cards are a valuable resource designed for children to enhance their emotional awareness and understanding.

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Resource Info

These Emotion Scenario Cards are a valuable resource designed for children to enhance their emotional awareness and understanding. These printable cards provide engaging scenarios for children to explore and identify their emotions.

By connecting real-life situations with different emotions, children can develop empathy, expand their emotional vocabulary, and improve the ability to recognise and express their own feelings.


• Scenario-Based Learning: The Emotion Scenario Cards present various relatable situations that children may encounter in their daily lives. By engaging with these scenarios, children are encouraged to reflect on their emotional responses and identify the corresponding feelings.
• Emotional Awareness and Identification: These cards foster emotional awareness by prompting children to connect the scenarios with specific emotions. After reading a scenario card, children are invited to select one or more emotions that best represent how they would feel in that particular situation. This process enables children to recognise and name their emotions, promoting self-awareness and emotional literacy.
• Use Alongside Our Emotion Picture Cards: The Emotion Scenario Cards are designed to be used alongside the Emotion Picture Cards, which feature real images of children displaying 24 different emotions. By combining the scenario cards with the picture cards, children can visually associate emotions with facial expressions, enhancing their ability to understand and interpret emotional cues in themselves and others.
• Build Empathy and Social Skills: Engaging with the Emotion Scenario Cards encourages children to consider the emotions of others. This promotes social skills and emotional intelligence as children learn to recognise and respond to emotions.
Versatile Learning Tool: The Emotion Scenario Cards are a versatile resource suitable for various settings. They can be used individually, with a parent or caregiver guiding the child's exploration of emotions, or in group settings to facilitate discussions and promote emotional understanding among children. The cards can be incorporated into lessons, circle time activities, or counselling sessions.

The Emotion Scenario Cards provide an interactive and engaging way for children to explore and understand emotions. These cards, in conjunction with the Emotion Picture Cards, create a comprehensive toolkit for developing emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning in children aged 3 and above.