Values Flashcards

Our Values Flashcards provide an engaging tool for children to learn about the importance of values in their lives.

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Resource Info

Our Values Flashcards provide an engaging tool for children to learn about the importance of values in their lives.

These flashcards aim to introduce children to different types of values that guide us and help us grow, while encouraging them to reflect on their own internal values and what is important to them.

With 23 flashcards covering a range of values such as honesty, patience, trust, family, happiness, and responsibility, children can explore and develop their own sense of self and understand the significance of values in guiding relationships and looking after our mental health.


• Understanding Core Human Values: The Values Flashcards facilitate discussions and learning about different values. Each flashcard introduces a specific value along with a visual representation, making it easier for children to grasp the concept and understand its meaning. Through engaging with these flashcards, children gain a deeper understanding of values and their significance in personal development and relationships.
• Reflecting on Personal Values: These flashcards encourage children to reflect on their own internal values and what matters to them. By exploring the flashcards and discussing their thoughts and feelings, children develop greater self-awareness and personal identity. They can identify the values that align with their beliefs, interests, and aspirations, building a strong sense of personal values and guiding principles.
• Promoting Resilience: Learning about values helps children build resilience. By understanding the importance of values like perseverance, determination, and kindness, children develop a resilient mindset that empowers them to navigate challenges and setbacks. They learn that staying true to their values can provide strength and guidance during difficult times.
• Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence: Engaging with the Values Flashcards supports the development of self-esteem and confidence in children. As they explore and discuss different values, children recognise their own positive qualities and strengths.
• Applying Values in Different Contexts: The Values Flashcards prompt children to think about how values are relevant in various settings, such as school, home, and friendships. By discussing and reflecting on these contexts, children gain insights into how values can shape their behaviours, relationships, and decision-making processes. This understanding empowers them to apply their values in daily life and navigate social interactions with integrity and empathy.

Values Flashcards offer a comprehensive and engaging resource for children to learn about values, develop their own internal values, and understand the importance of values in their daily lives and relationships. Through reflection, discussions, and application, children enhance their resilience, self-esteem, and sense of self, laying a strong foundation for their personal development and overall well-being.