My Mindful Calendar 2024

Our wonderful and calming Mindful Calendar is back for 2024! Features a calming activity for every month of the year.

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Resource Info

Our Mindful Calendar is back for 2024! 

Embark on a calm New Year with our mindful calendar— a delightful, printable calendar that encourages your children to complete a mindful activity each month.

Calendar Features:

  • Colour in!: Your child can colour in every page of our calendar, adding to their mindful and calming experience.
  • Monthly mindfulness: Each month features a fun and new mindful activity, from colouring to guided meditation, to emotion tracking, random acts of kindness and more!
  • Interactive and Engaging: The calendar is designed to give children space to jot down their thoughts, doodle, and make the calendar truly their own.

Benefits of our Mindful Calendar:

  1. Practise Mindfulness: The calendar introduces children to the concept of mindfulness through engaging activities that encourage them to be present in the moment. From mindful doodling to deep breathing, each activity helps children feel grounded and present.
  2. Fosters Creativity: With a different theme each month, the calendar becomes a canvas for creativity where they are encouraged to express themselves and colour in every page.
  3. Builds Positive Values: Through activities centred around gratitude and kindness, the calendar instills positive values in children.
  4. Builds Consistent Habits: The calendar's monthly structure encourages the formation of positive habits. As children engage in mindful activities regularly, they develop a sense of routine that contributes to their overall well-being.
  5. Educational: Not only is our printable 2024 calendar great for teaching children about mindfulness and feeling calm, it also helps younger children familiarise themselves with dates and months of the year.
  6. Calming display: Our Mindful Calendar is a constant reminder of calmness, as it hangs where your child can see it each day. You can display in classrooms, calm corners or your child's bedroom.

Download our calming Mindful Calendar for 2024 now!