Thought Changer

Encourage children and teens to change negative thoughts into positive ones with the Thought Changer!

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Resource Info

Encourage children and teens to change negative thoughts into positive ones with the Thought Changer!

Directions: Write down the negative, or unhelpful thought on one side, then think of a more positive statement and write this on the other side. When that negative thought pops up again – can they remember to interrupt it with their positive thought?

About this resource:

This thought management activity is designed for children and teens and aims to help them transform unhelpful thoughts into helpful ones. By writing down negative or unhelpful thoughts on one side and replacing them with positive statements on the other, children can develop a more positive thinking pattern.

Positive Thinking: The Thought Changer activity promotes positive thinking by encouraging children to challenge and reframe negative thoughts. By replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations, children can shift their mindset towards a more optimistic and empowering perspective.
Thought Management Worksheet: This activity encourages children to take back control of their thoughts, giving them with a practical tool to reframe negative thinking patterns.
Parents, Professionals, and Teachers: The Thought Changer activity is suitable for parents, professionals, and teachers who want to support children who are experiencing intrusive thoughts, self-critical thoughts, anxiety or low mood. It can be used in various settings, including classrooms, therapy sessions, or home environments, to build a constructive and empowering thought process.

The Thought Changer activity empowers children to take control of their thoughts and build a positive thinking habit. By challenging negative thoughts and replacing them with positive statements, children develop resilience, self-confidence, and feel more optimistic.