My Safety Plan

A Safety Plan is an important document for anyone at risk of self harm.

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Resource Info

A Safety Plan is an important document for anyone at risk of self harm. This resource is designed to help teens and young people create a personal safety plan to help them when they are experiencing harmful thoughts or thoughts of suicide.

By following the provided prompts, teenagers can identify supportive resources, such as helpline numbers and trusted individuals to reach out to and keep this plan accessible for easy reference.

Please note that we would recommend this plan to be completed with a professional present.

Key Features:

Prompted Reflection: The resource prompts teenagers to reflect on their experiences and identify signs or triggers that may indicate the presence of harmful thoughts. This self-reflection helps increase self-awareness and recognise when they might need additional support.

Supportive Contacts: Teenagers are encouraged to write down important numbers they can call, such as helplines or crisis hotlines, in times of distress. They can also list the names of trusted individuals, such as family members, friends, or mental health professionals, who can provide support and assistance.
Easy Accessibility: It is important to keep the safety plan in a location where it can be easily accessed when needed. This ensures that teenagers have quick access to the resources and individuals who can help them during challenging moments.


Personalised Safety Measures: Creating a safety plan empowers teenagers to take proactive steps in prioritising their well-being. It allows them to identify and list the resources and contacts they can turn to when harmful thoughts arise, providing a sense of security and support.

Immediate Support: By having a safety plan readily available, teenagers can quickly refer to it in times of distress. This reduces the risk of isolation and increases the likelihood of reaching out for help when needed.

Empowerment and Control: The act of creating a safety plan gives teenagers a sense of empowerment and control over their own mental health. It helps them develop a proactive approach to managing harmful thoughts and reinforces their resilience and ability to seek support.

This resource can help teens who are experiencing thoughts of self harm feel in control and know what to do when those thoughts appear. It reinforces the fact that there is support available.