Be a Feelings Superhero

Help young children get in touch with their feelings and become a feelings superhero!

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Resource Info

Become a feelings superhero and develop amazing emotional powers!

This is an engaging resource designed for young children to help them explore and express their emotions while embracing their inner superhero. This activity combines a draw-how-you-feel exercise with a fun craft activity where children can create their own superhero masks.

The main goal of this resource is to support young children in understanding and managing their emotions. By engaging in the draw-how-you-feel activity, children are encouraged to express their emotions through drawings. This allows them to develop a vocabulary for their feelings, think about how facial expressions communicate our emotions and enhances their emotional literacy. Additionally, the craft activity of creating a superhero mask empowers children to embrace their emotions and provides them with a tangible symbol of their emotional superpowers.

By becoming a "feelings superhero," children can develop a sense of empowerment and self-awareness, gaining the tools and confidence to navigate their emotions effectively.