Nature Breathing Cards

Help to ease worries, panic and other big emotions in children with our deep breathing flashcards.

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Resource Info

Help to ease worries, panic and other big emotions in children with our deep breathing flashcards - 8 nature themed cards to practise taking deep breaths. The best thing about our Nature Breathing Cards is that they also double as an outdoor scavenger hunt too!

How they work - if you need to calm down a child quickly, then deep breathing is one of the best techniques they can do and learn. This resource contains 8 flashcards to help children who feel overwhelmed.

About this resource:

Our Nature Breathing Cards are designed to teach children deep breathing techniques while incorporating the beauty and serenity of nature. These cards provide a fun and interactive way for children to practise mindfulness, calm their minds, and ease worries.


• Teach Effective Breathing Techniques: The Nature Breathing Cards introduce children to a variety of breathing exercises that can promote relaxation and mindfulness. Each card presents a different nature-themed technique, accompanied by clear instructions. By learning and practising these techniques, children can develop essential self-regulation skills and gain tools to manage stress and anxiety.
• Benefit from Nature and Outdoors: The beauty of these cards lies in their connection to nature. Encouraging children to use the cards outside allows them to engage with their surroundings. This combination of nature and mindfulness deepens the sensory experience and promotes a greater sense of calm.
• Calm and Ease Worries: The Nature Breathing Cards are specifically designed to help children calm their minds and ease worries. By focusing on their breath and controlling their breathing, children learn to shift their attention away from anxious thoughts. These techniques can be used as a valuable resource in times of stress, providing children with a sense of control and stability.
• Promotes Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a powerful practise that enhances self-awareness and presence in the moment. The Nature Breathing Cards encourage children to be fully engaged in their breath and surroundings, this can improve attention, concentration, and overall emotional well-being.

Suitable for Various Settings: Whether used at home, in school, or during therapy sessions, the Nature Breathing Cards are a versatile resource for parents, professionals, and teachers. They can be incorporated into daily routines, mindfulness classes, or transition times to create moments of calm and focus. These cards provide a valuable tool for promoting emotional regulation and supporting the overall well-being of children.