My Values

This values-based activity is designed to help children understand and reflect on their personal values.

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Resource Info

This values-based activity is designed to help children understand and reflect on their personal values.

Values are the beliefs and principles that we consider important in the world, and they guide our actions and behaviour. Through this activity, children are encouraged to identify their top five values and explore their meaning.

By engaging in discussions with adults or using the values flashcards provided, children gain insights into different human values and deepen their understanding of what is important to them personally.


• Exploring Personal Values: My Values provides children with an opportunity to reflect on their own core values. By colouring the top five values that are most important to them, children are encouraged to identify and express their beliefs and priorities. This process allows them to gain a better understanding of themselves and their principles.
• Educational: If a child encounters a value they don't understand, the activity encourages them to ask a grown-up for clarification – or to use our Values Flashcards. This helps children expand their knowledge and comprehension of different values, promoting their intellectual development and critical thinking skills.
• Prompt Meaningful Discussions: The activity suggests using values flashcards or discussing the values listed with an adult to explore different human values.
• Developing Resilience: Engaging with the concept of values promotes resilience in children. By identifying and embracing their own values, children gain a sense of personal identity and purpose.
• Enhancing Self-Esteem and Confidence: Through the My Values activity, children are encouraged to express their individual beliefs and priorities. By acknowledging and honouring their values, children develop a positive self-image and a sense of pride in their personal identity.
• Nurturing a Sense of Self: Exploring personal values helps children develop a deeper understanding of themselves. By identifying their core values, children gain insights into their strengths, passions, and what truly matters to them.

The My Values activity is a valuable tool for children to explore their personal values, engage in meaningful discussions, and develop important skills such as resilience, self-esteem, and a strong sense of self.