Ways To Make Me Smile – Exploring Coping Skills Craft

Ways To Make Me Smile is a wonderful foldable craft helping your children to explore the things that make them happy. This is a super easy and fun to do! Find out more and download below.

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Resource Info

Ways to Make Me Smile: A fun, foldable craft to help children explore coping skills and things that make them happy.

What brings a smile to your child's face? In this delightful printable activity, children are invited to explore the simple joys and happy moments that light up their day. By creating their own "Ways to Make Me Smile" foldable craft, children also create a wonderful keepsake that details their favourite coping skills for future use.


The "Ways to Make Me Smile" craft is a foldable resource that encourages children to reflect on the things that brighten their mood and lift their spirits. With two templates available, participants can pick which ones they feel best represent them to express their preferred ways to happiness. There is no limit to creativity - your child can create their person to more reflect what they look like, and even draw all their favourite things around the outside!

Key Components:

  1. Foldable Template: The craft template features the outline of a face with a mouth that unfolds to reveal hidden messages inside. Children can choose between two templates, depending on their preference.
  2. Colouring and Writing Space: Children are encouraged to colour in the template and make it their own, by writing down or drawing the things that make them smile inside the mouth. This provides an opportunity for creative expression and self-reflection, helping them to feel calm and grounded.

How to Create Your Craft:

  1. Colour and Personalise: Start by colouring in the craft template to bring the face to life. Encourage your child to use crayons, markers, or coloured pencils so that they feel a connection with their creation.
  2. Write Your Happy Moments: Next, ask your children to write down all the things that make them smile inside the mouth of the face. This can be things they enjoy doing, people they enjoy being with, hobbies, favourite films or songs - the list is endless!
  3. Fold for Surprise: Once they have finished writing, carefully fold the craft template so that the top half of the mouth meets the bottom half. Make sure there is a fold in the middle, allowing the top half to be lifted up to reveal the hidden messages inside.
  4. Reveal and Enjoy: With your craft complete, gently lift the top half of the mouth to reveal the happy things written inside!

Why It Matters:

The "Ways to Make Me Smile" craft is more than just a fun activity—it's a powerful tool for promoting positivity, self-awareness, and emotional well-being. By celebrating the things that bring them joy, children build a personal tool full of their favourite coping skills, helping to create a positive mindset and develop resilience in the face of challenges.

Start spreading smiles with this fun craft by downloading it now! Don't forget to share your children's creations with us on social media.