Emotion Flashcards: Real Photos

These printable emotion flashcards feature a set of 24 cards designed to help children learn more about their emotions.

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Resource Info

These printable emotion flashcards feature a set of 24 cards designed to help children aged 3 and above learn more about their emotions and develop emotional awareness. Featuring real photos of children showcasing various expressions and facial cues, these flashcards provide a visual representation of different feelings and serve as a valuable tool for promoting emotional understanding and learning.


• Real Photos of Children: Unlike cartoon illustrations, these flashcards utilise real photos of children, allowing young learners to connect with and relate to the emotions. Seeing children just like them expressing various feelings helps children develop a sense of identification, connection and empathy, enhancing their emotional awareness and understanding.
• Comprehensive Range of Emotions: The flashcards cover a wide range of emotions, including happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, and more. Each card features a clear and expressive photo that captures the essence of the emotion, making it easier for children to recognise and label their own feelings and better understand others.
• Enhancing Emotional Awareness: By engaging with these flashcards, children have the opportunity to expand their emotional vocabulary and develop a deeper understanding of their own emotional experiences. This is a crucial step towards developing emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills.
• Companion to Emotion Scenario Cards: These flashcards work great when combined with our Emotion Scenario Cards. By combining the flashcards with scenario-based discussions or storytelling activities, children can further explore how emotions arise in different situations and develop problem-solving skills to manage and express their feelings effectively.

Suitable for Learning Settings: Whether used at home, in classrooms, or playgroups, these flashcards are a versatile resource for parents, professionals, and teachers. They can be used for individual or group activities, such as emotional identification games, role-playing exercises, or discussions on empathy and social interactions.