Train of Thought

Help children to identify thought spirals and negative thinking patterns.

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Resource Info

Help your children track intrusive, anxious or escalating thoughts with the Train of Thought.

This activity helps children to recognise how thoughts spiral by tracking an intrusive or upsetting train of thought from the first thought through to the point they became upset. We’ve provided an example below to show you how easy it is for thoughts to get away with us, can your child try to stop the thought in its tracks next time?

About this resource

Train of Thought is a thought management resource designed to help children aged 5-11 identify and manage thought spirals and negative thinking patterns. This engaging worksheet incorporates a fun train theme to make the activity more enjoyable for children.

• Age Range: Suitable for children aged 5-11, providing age-appropriate techniques to manage negative thoughts.
• Thought Management: Train of Thought helps children become aware of their thought spirals and negative thinking patterns, enabling them to develop strategies to manage and stop them.
• Calming Resource: This activity promotes a sense of calmness and emotional well-being as children learn to identify and address intrusive or spiralling thoughts.
• Thought Awareness: By engaging with the Train of Thought worksheet, children develop greater awareness of their own thinking patterns.
• Fun Train Theme: The train-themed visuals and activities make the resource visually appealing and enjoyable for children, enhancing their engagement and participation.
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Approach: Train of Thought incorporates CBT principles, teaching children techniques to challenge negative thoughts and replace them with more positive and realistic ones.
• Suitable for Parents, Professionals, and Teachers: Train of Thought is a versatile resource that can be used by parents, mental health professionals, and educators to support children in managing their thoughts and emotions.
• This activity serves as a valuable tool within a broader range of mental health resources for children, supporting their emotional well-being and promoting positive thinking.

Benefits: Train of Thought empowers children to take control of their thoughts and emotions. By identifying thought spirals and negative thinking patterns, children can develop skills to manage and stop these patterns, leading to improved emotional well-being and resilience. The calming nature of the activity promotes relaxation and self-reflection, enhancing children's overall mental health.

Practical Thought Management Techniques: This resource equips children with practical strategies to identify and challenge negative thoughts, promoting positive thinking and emotional well-being.