This Is My Happily Ever After

Have your children create their own happily ever after.

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Resource Info

This Is My Happily Ever After is a creative activity that encourages children to reflect on the concept of happiness and imagine their own version of a "happily ever after".

Directions: What does happiness mean to your child? We all have our own different versions of what happiness is. Have your child think about this for a moment and write down their thoughts. Then, using this, ask them to write their very own happily ever after. In this exercise, there are no limits, let your child dream and use their imagination - this is a fairy-tale after all, and anything goes!


Self-awareness and self-expression: This Is My Happily Ever After promotes self-awareness as children reflect on what happiness means to them. It also provides a creative outlet for self-expression through storytelling, allowing children to share their thoughts and aspirations.

Imagination and creativity: The activity sparks children's imagination and nurtures their creativity. It encourages them to think beyond conventional boundaries and explore unlimited possibilities for their own happily ever after.

Emotional well-being: Reflecting on happiness and imagining a positive future can boost children's emotional well-being. It allows them to focus on positive emotions and foster a sense of optimism and joy.
Personal empowerment: This activity empowers children to take ownership of their happiness and envision a future that aligns with their dreams and values.