The Critical Critter

Help your child quieten their inner critic with the Critical Critter. Good for intrusive and self critical thoughts.

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Resource Info

Help your child quieten their inner critic with the Critical Critter.

Our inner critic is a persistent voice in our minds that judges and criticises our actions, often leading to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Remarkably, some experts believe that this self-critical voice can emerge as early as 12-24 months old when language development begins, and we first encounter the word "no."

This activity helps children to learn what their inner critic is, how to recognise it and how to counteract those unhelpful thoughts. We introduce you to the Critical Critter!


• Inner Critic Awareness: The Critical Critter activity facilitates an understanding of the concept of an inner critic. Children are introduced to the notion that this critical voice exists within them and impacts their self-perception. By shining a light on the inner critic, children can begin to distinguish between helpful and unhelpful thoughts, leading to enhanced self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
• Recognition of Unhelpful Thoughts: Through this activity, children learn to identify and recognise when their inner critic is active. They become familiar with the negative self-talk and self-judgment that can arise, enabling them to distinguish between their genuine thoughts and the unhelpful narratives. This recognition is a crucial step in challenging and reframing those detrimental thoughts.
• Counteracting Unhelpful Thoughts: The Critical Critter empowers children with tools and strategies to counteract unhelpful thoughts. Children can learn to externalise their inner critic and view it as a separate entity.
• Boosting Self-Esteem: By addressing the inner critic and developing strategies to counteract unhelpful thoughts, this activity promotes self-esteem and helps children feel in control.
• Positive Thinking: This activity encourages children to shift their focus from self-criticism to positive thinking. By challenging the unhelpful thoughts of their inner critic, children can replace them with more constructive and supportive thoughts.

This resource is designed for parents, professionals, and teachers to implement in various settings. Whether used at home, in therapy sessions, or in the classroom, The Critical Critter can be seamlessly integrated into existing programs focused on self-esteem, confidence-building, and positive thinking.

Let the Critical Critter guide your child towards a more compassionate and empowering internal dialogue, where self-esteem and positive thinking prevail over self-doubt and criticism.