Spring Clean My Thoughts

Think of three thoughts you wish to leave behind in Winter, and three thoughts you wish to take into Spring!

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Resource Info

Spring is a time for new beginnings and ditching old habits. This resource encourages your children to spring clean their thoughts! Were they thinking some thoughts over the winter that made them feel sad that they'd rather leave behind? We've tasked them with coming up with three thoughts they wish to leave in Winter, and three new, helpful thoughts they wish to take into Spring!

About this resource:

With "Spring Clean My Thoughts," children and teenagers can embrace the arrival of spring by focusing on positive thoughts and letting go of negativity. This engaging resource supports thought management, promotes positive thinking, and encourages a healthier mindset for a brighter season ahead.

Spring Clean My Thoughts a fun thought management activity designed for children and teenagers aged 9-16. This engaging resource asks children to reflect on their thoughts and embrace the arrival of spring by letting go of three thoughts from winter and welcoming three new thoughts for the season.

Key Features:

Age Range: 9-16 years
Thought Management Technique: Encourages individuals to identify and evaluate their thoughts, promoting self-awareness and positive thinking.
Spring-Themed: The resource incorporates the theme of spring, symbolising renewal, growth, and a fresh start.
Positive Thinking Focus: Guides individuals to leave behind negative or unhelpful thoughts from winter and intentionally cultivate positive thoughts for spring.
Thought Awareness and Control: Develops skills in recognising and managing thoughts, fostering a shift in perspective and promoting a healthier mindset.


Spring Clean My Thoughts empowers children and teenagers to actively manage their thoughts, promoting positive thinking and emotional well-being. By intentionally letting go of negative thoughts and embracing positive ones, this can help to create a more optimistic outlook and improve overall mental health.

Fun and Engaging: The Spring theme helps children connect to the idea of ‘cleaning one’s thoughts’ just like we clean our desks or rooms.
Beneficial for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to support thought awareness and positive thinking in children and teenagers.
Resources for Positive Thinking: Ideal for teachers and psychologists looking for tools to support children and young people.