Rainbow Breathing

Breathe in tracing the spotty stripes and out tracing the block colour stri[pes.

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Resource Info

Rainbow breathing is a fun and simple exercise for kids that can be used as a mindfulness activity or coping tool. It is also a great introduction to deep breathing - helping children to learn to control their breaths and use their breathing to calm themselves.

Directions: Have your child place their finger at the top of the first colour, trace their finger down the colour of the rainbow, slowly taking a deep breath in. Hold for a few seconds, then, heading back to the top, slowly breathe out as they trace their finger down the second colour.

To help children easily remember when to breathe in and out, we have included prompts at the top of each line. For those not confident with reading, they can breathe in as they trace the spotty lines, and out as they trace the block colour lines.

More about this resource:

Rainbow Breathing is a deep breathing activity designed for children aged 4 and above. This engaging resource features a poster that guides children through a calming and grounding breathing exercise using our rainbow-themed pattern.

The main objective of "Rainbow Breathing" is to help children practice deep breathing as a means to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and enhance emotional well-being. The poster showcases a series of spotty stripes and block colour stripes, which children can trace with their fingers as they inhale and exhale. The art of tracing the lines with their fingers acts as a distraction tool from escalating thoughts and emotions and helps to ground during panic attacks and times of distress.

This deep breathing activity is not only fun but also serves as a valuable tool for teaching children essential coping techniques.
Parents, professionals, and teachers can incorporate "Rainbow Breathing" into various settings and contexts. This resource can be displayed in classrooms, therapy rooms, or at home, serving as a reminder for children to engage in deep breathing whenever they need a moment of calm.