My Memory Jar

A wonderfully reflective resource that can help children and teens capture and remember special moments. This is a versatile activity that can be used for New Year, grief, school memories or helping children and young people to move on from any big change in their lives.

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Resource Info

My Memory Jar is a printable activity to help children cope with big changes, reflect on experiences and more!

This resource is an extremely versatile resource than can be used in many therapeutic settings and ways, such as:

End of the School Year Memories:

As a school year concludes, invite children and teens to jot down their most cherished moments in the classroom, with friends, or during special school events. The Memory Jar becomes a living yearbook, capturing the memories and growth experienced throughout the academic year.

Celebrate a New Year:

Encourage children and teens to write down their favourite memories from the previous year.

Family Fun Jar:

Create a sense of togetherness at home. Family members can contribute happy memories throughout the year, building a collection of shared experiences. This not only strengthens family bonds but also provides a positive focus during challenging times.

Classroom Fun:

For a heartwarming family project in the classroom, you could encourage children to share their favourite memories about a specific event. Perhaps it's a school event, the summer holidays or Christmas.

Grief and Loss:

Our Memory Jar activity can also be used to support children and teens through grief and loss by encouraging them to write down the memories they wish to cherish about a person or pet.

Friendship Chronicles:

Nurture the bonds of friendship by inviting children and teens to document their favourite moments spent with friends. It's a beautiful way to acknowledge the positive impact of friendships and to reminisce about shared laughter and adventures.

Dreams and Achievements:

Celebrate personal milestones and accomplishments! Encourage children and teens to write down their proudest moments and achievements. The Memory Jar becomes a visual testament to growth, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams.

Collect Moments, Not Things

Get your Memory Jar template now and start filling it with the magic of memories.