Prime Time Self Care Activity

Help your children learn to love themselves as much as they love prime in this self care activity.

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Resource Info

You know we love to jump on a trend here at Be Happy, and the Prime craze is no different! Whether you approve or disapprove of the attention these drinks get, the fact is that many kids and teens love them - and we wanted to bring you a resource to help your children love themselves as much as they love a bottle of Tropical Punch!

This resource is a confidence-boosting, self-esteem building, wonderful activity to get your children thinking of all the things that are amazing about them and their lives.

At Be Happy Resources it has always been our aim to create resources and activities that resonate with children and help them build self care habits into their daily lives. So we'll always jump on a trend or two. In this resource, we have renamed self care 'Prime Time!' During Prime Time, we want your children to think about the things that make them amazing and the things that are going well in their lives. If they can't think of anything, we also prompt them to ask their loved ones.

It's time for them to become the prime activity; drinking a bottle of prime is optional during this activity!