My Sky Diary

My Sky Diary is a guided and printable worksheet for children to engage with the great outdoors and appreciate the world around us.

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Resource Info

When was the last time you lay down and looked up at the clouds? Did you know that this is a great way to feel calm and connected to your environment? In My Sky Diary, children are encouraged to watch the clouds and spot things in the sky, this can help them to feel grounded, present and relaxed.

About this resource:

My Sky Diary is a printable worksheet designed to engage individuals in a mindful outdoor activity. By observing the sky at two different times of the day and documenting their observations through drawing or writing, children can experience a range of mental health benefits and engage in a meaningful connection with nature.

Key Features:

Outdoor Mindful Activity: The activity takes place outdoors, allowing individuals to connect with the natural environment and experience the calming effects of being in nature.

Observation of Sky: The worksheet prompts individuals to observe the sky at two different times of the day, encouraging them to notice and appreciate the magic of the sky.

Drawing or Writing: The worksheet provides designated boxes for individuals to either draw or write about their observations, allowing for creative expression and different forms of engagement.

Comparison of Observations: Once completed, individuals can compare their observations from different times of the day, developing curiosity and reflection.


Mindfulness Focus: Engaging in this activity promotes mindfulness, as children pay attention to the details of the sky and their observations, this helps them to feel calm and grounded.

Connection with Nature: The activity encourages children to immerse themselves in nature, which has known benefits for mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Stress reducing and calming: By focusing on the sky and documenting observations, children feel focused, calm and distracted. This helps keep intrusive thoughts and big emotions at bay.

My Sky Diary is a guided and printable worksheet for children to engage with the great outdoors and appreciate the sky. By engaging in this activity, children can feel calm, connected to nature and regulate big emotions.

It is a valuable resource for parents, professionals, and teachers to facilitate a calming and grounding experience for children of all ages.