Monster Emotions Pairs

This matching game is an engaging and interactive activity designed for children aged 3 to 5.

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Resource Info

This matching game is an engaging and interactive activity designed for children aged 3 to 5. Monster Emotion Pairs involves pairing monster flashcards that depict various emotions. By cutting out the flashcards and dividing them in half, children can then participate in a fun matching game, whilst developing their emotional literacy skills.

Key Features:

Monster Emotions: The flashcards feature adorable and colourful monster illustrations, each representing a different emotion. Emotions include happiness, sadness, anger, surprise and more. By associating emotions with friendly and relatable monsters, children can better understand and express their own feelings.

Matching and Pairs Activity: Children are encouraged to find the matching halves of each monster to pair up the corresponding emotions. This activity promotes memory skills, concentration, and visual recognition.

Adaptability for Different Ages: The activity can be tailored to different age groups. For younger children, they can focus on matching the flashcards by turning them face up. Older children can engage in a memory game by turning the flashcards face down and trying to remember the emotions and their locations.


Emotional Literacy: Monster Emotions Pairs supports the development of emotional literacy by helping children identify and understand different emotions. By engaging with the monster flashcards, children can learn to recognise and express their own emotions, as well as empathize with the emotions of others.

Early Years Learning: This activity aligns with early years learning goals and can be integrated into early childhood education. It promotes cognitive skills, such as memory, concentration, and problem-solving, while also focusing on social and emotional development.

Emotional Development: Exploring and discussing emotions through the Monster Emotions Pairs activity can contribute to the emotional development of young children. It encourages open conversations about feelings, allowing children to develop emotional awareness and regulation skills.

Monster Emotions Pairs is a versatile resource suitable for parents, professionals, and teachers who want to support children in developing emotional literacy and memory skills. By engaging in this matching and pairs activity, children can have fun while learning to recognise, understand, and express a range of emotions represented by our friendly mental health monsters.

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