Kindness Rocks! – You Rock Kindness Cards

Kindness Rocks! Let someone know when they've shown kindness or encourage children to write a thank you note to someone who rocks!

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Resource Info

Kindness Rocks! Kindness Rocks is our new project featuring a series of downloadable and printable resources to help children learn that being kind rocks. Can they become a Kindness Rockstar?

Our You Rock Kindness Cards are all about helping children feel thankful and recognise when others have shown them kindness. These cards can be used in lots of different ways too.

In the classroom:

Why not cut out and leave our kindness cards lying around your classroom for others to pick up and use to thank their classmates as and when they wish?

Or, you could build this activity into a World Kindness Day lesson by asking all children to write a You Rock card to someone they know. It can be someone from home, school or anyone who is a part of their lives who they think rocks!

If you're a teacher, you could also give the children in your class a You Rock card when they have demonstrated kindness or done something really amazing.

Writing a You Rock card helps children feel good and helps the recipient feel good too! This resource is perfect for World Kindness Day, Anti-Bullying Week and much more. These cards can be used in lots of different settings and lots of different ways - we have purposefully left them blank so that they can fit into your professional or personal setting and be used however you intend!