Keep Cool Coping Lollies

This summer-themed resource is designed to help children develop strategies for staying calm and ‘cool’ in challenging situations.

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Resource Info

This summer-themed resource is designed to help children develop strategies for staying calm and ‘cool’ in challenging situations. This activity encourages children to identify two ways they can keep their cool in various scenarios and write them on the ice lollies provided.

By incorporating a fun and refreshing theme, this resource equips children with effective coping techniques to manage anger, frustration, and worries.


• Scenario-Based Coping Strategies: This activity presents children with different scenarios where they may encounter challenging emotions. By filling in the ice lollies with two ways to keep their cool, children actively engage in identifying and articulating coping strategies specific to each situation and emotion. This promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills while empowering children to take control of their emotional well-being.
• Summer-Themed Visuals: The summer-themed visuals of ice lollies add an element of fun and excitement to the resource. As children write down their coping strategies on the ice lollies, they create a visual representation of their personal toolkit for staying calm. This visual reinforcement enhances their ability to recall and utilise these strategies during moments of distress.
• Anger and Frustration Management: This resource specifically addresses anger and frustration, providing children with a proactive approach to managing these intense emotions. By encouraging children to think about how they can keep their cool in challenging situations, it empowers them to respond constructively rather than react impulsively. The activity promotes self-regulation and helps children develop healthier emotional responses.
• Easing Worries and Anxiety: Our Coping Lollies also serve as a tool for easing worries and anxiety. By focusing on coping strategies, children gain a sense of control over their worries and learn effective techniques to alleviate anxiety. This resource encourages them to shift their attention from negative thoughts to practical solutions, promoting a more positive and resilient mindset.
• Reference for Future Use: The option to colour in and cut out the coping lollies provides children with a tangible and visually appealing reference tool. By keeping the colourful ice lollies, children can refer back to their coping strategies whenever they face similar situations or need a reminder of their ability to stay cool.
• Suitable for Various Settings: This resource is perfect for parents, professionals, and teachers working with children in a variety of different settings. It can be used in therapy sessions, counselling, classrooms, or even as a fun family activity at home.

Help children develop coping strategies and learn to keep their cool with our Keep Cool Coping Lollies.