Emotion Mat

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Resource Info

Discover Emotions Together with our Emotion Mat: Introducing our Emotion Mat, a vibrant and engaging tool to help early years children explore and understand their feelings. With 12 captivating emotions, this printable mat creates a world of emotional discovery.

A Rainbow of Emotions: The Emotion Mat is a colourful spectrum of emotions. From happiness to surprise, from sadness to excitement, children can navigate through their feelings.

Interactive Learning: Each emotion on the mat is accompanied by friendly, relatable illustrations, making it easy for young minds to connect with and comprehend emotions in a playful and interactive way.

Promote Empathy and Self-Awareness: The Emotion Mat fosters not only emotional intelligence but also empathy. It helps children identify their feelings and those of others.

Educational Fun: This resource is designed for early years settings, making it a perfect addition to classrooms, playgroups, or homes. It's not just about emotions; it's a tool for building important social and emotional skills.

Versatile and Engaging: Whether used for group activities or one-on-one discussions, the Emotion Mat is a versatile resource for encouraging conversations about emotions and emotional well-being.

Twelve Emotions to Explore: With this printable resource children can explore a wide range of emotions, helping them become more emotionally resilient and self-aware.

Resources for Growth: The Emotion Mat is part of a toolkit for nurturing emotional development in young children. It opens the door to meaningful conversations, communication and personal growth.

Help children connect with their feelings and those of others with our printable Emotion Mat. Perfect for individual and group use.