Emotion Penguins

In sport, armbands can be used to highlight causes or important people. What is important to your little one?

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Resource Info

Draw some emotion faces on our penguins and label each emotion. Bonus points for thinking of fun and imaginative stories as to why each penguin is feeling that way!

About this resource:

Emotion Penguins is a fun emotional literacy worksheet designed for children aged 3 to 8.

Key Features:

• Children can express different emotions by drawing expressive faces on the penguin characters. This hands-on activity allows them to visually represent and explore various feelings.
• Children are prompted to label each emotion depicted on the penguins. This helps them develop vocabulary and understanding of different emotions, enhancing their emotional literacy.
• As an additional element, children are encouraged to create imaginative stories that explain why each penguin is feeling a specific emotion. This fosters their creativity and storytelling skills while deepening their empathy and understanding of others' emotions.
• Winter and Christmas Theme: The winter theme add a fun and festive touch to the activity, making it engaging and relevant for children, particularly during the winter season and around Christmas time.


• Emotional Development: Emotion Penguins provides a platform for children to explore and understand their own emotions and those of others. It supports their emotional development by promoting self-awareness, empathy, and emotional expression.
• Emotional Literacy: Through the activity of labelling emotions, children enhance their emotional vocabulary and literacy. They learn to identify and articulate different feelings, improving their ability to recognise and manage their emotions effectively.
• Creativity and Imagination: The storytelling component of the activity stimulates children's creativity and imagination. It encourages them to think critically, develop narratives, and engage in imaginative play, fostering their cognitive and imaginative abilities.
• Social-Emotional Skills: Emotion Penguins helps children develop essential social-emotional skills, such as empathy, communication, and self-regulation. It provides a framework for discussing emotions and facilitates conversations about how emotions can be expressed and managed in a positive and healthy way.
Emotion Penguins is a valuable resource for parents, professionals, and teachers looking to enhance children's emotional literacy, promote emotional well-being, and create a supportive and engaging learning environment. It offers a blend of creative expression, storytelling, and emotional exploration, making it an effective tool for developing emotional intelligence and fostering positive emotional growth in children.