Design a Ribbon for Mental Health Awareness

Express creativity and imagination by creating a ribbon that symbolises mental health.

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Resource Info

The Design a Ribbon for Mental Health Awareness activity encourages children to engage their creativity and imagination to create a ribbon that symbolises mental health. Through this activity, children have the opportunity to reflect on mental health, its significance, and the colours and images that they believe represent it.

Key Features:

Creativity and self-expression: Children can unleash their creativity by designing a unique ribbon for mental health awareness. They can use colours, shapes, and images to convey their thoughts and feelings about mental health.

Symbolism and representation: The activity prompts children to think about what mental health means to them and how they can visually represent it.

Reflective thinking: Designing the ribbon encourages children to reflect on their own mental health and why mental health is important.

Mindfulness and focus: Engaging in creative activities like designing a ribbon can promote mindfulness and focus.

Mental health awareness: The activity raises awareness about mental health among children, helping them understand its significance and destigmatise conversations surrounding mental well-being. This is a great activity to do during mental health awareness weeks and events.

Creative exploration: Designing the ribbon allows children to explore their creativity and express their thoughts and emotions in a visual form. It provides an outlet for self-expression and encourages artistic exploration.

Empathy and understanding: Through the activity, children can develop empathy and understanding for mental health, normalising mental health conversations from an early age.

Connection and communication: Designing a ribbon for mental health awareness can initiate conversations among children about mental health. It promotes dialogue, encourages sharing of thoughts and feelings, and helps build connections and understanding.