Copecakes is a ‘sweet’ and engaging activity that helps children learn coping skills using cupcakes!

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Resource Info

Copecakes is a ‘sweet’ and engaging activity that helps children learn coping skills using cupcakes! In this activity, children are encouraged to identify and express their coping strategies for different emotions depicting on our ‘copecakes.’

Directions: Write or draw a way that helps you cope with the emotions on each cupcake. Then colour in using some nice calm colours. Next time you feel that emotion, find your copecake!

Key Features:

Cupcake Theme: The activity revolves around the idea of "copecakes" - cupcakes representing different emotions and coping strategies. Children are invited to write or draw their personal coping techniques on each cupcake.

Coping Skills Development: Copecakes is designed to support the development of coping skills in children. By encouraging them to think about and express effective strategies for managing different emotions, this activity helps children build resilience, self-regulation, and emotional well-being.


Resilience Building: Copecakes builds resilience by teaching children effective ways to cope with different emotions. By identifying and utiliing coping strategies, children can learn to identify and manage their emotions more effectively.

Feeling Calm: Engaging in this activity can help children feel more calm and grounded. The focus on coping skills and decorating their copecakes promotes a mindful and soothing experience.

Self-Regulation: Copecakes supports the development of self-regulation skills. By identifying and practising coping strategies, children learn to regulate their emotions and responses, empowering them to navigate challenging situations with greater control.

Copecakes is an excellent resource for parents, professionals, and teachers who want to build resilience, emotional well-being, and coping skills in children. By encouraging children to explore and express their coping techniques in a fun and creative way, Copecakes empowers them to manage their emotions effectively and build the necessary skills for navigating life's challenges.