Charge Your Battery

It’s time for your child to charge their battery! How can they make sure they stay in the green level and feel fully charged?

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Resource Info

It’s time for your child to charge their battery! How can they make sure they stay in the green level and feel fully charged?

Directions: Have your child think about the emotions in our battery levels. Can they think of and write down some things to do when they are in each level to help them move up? When they've filled in their battery, ask them which level best describes how they feel - what do they need to do to feel fully charged and ready to go? Place this resource where they can see it and use regularly to help with self regulation.

About this resource:

Charge Your Battery is a resource aimed at helping children understand and manage their emotions by using the metaphor of a battery. It encourages children to recognise their emotional states and provides strategies to move towards a more positive and energised state.

Key Features:

Emotional awareness: Charge Your Battery prompts children to reflect on different emotional states represented by different battery levels. It encourages them to identify and understand their own emotions and recognise when their energy levels may be low or high.

Strategies for emotional regulation: The resource provides space for children to write down activities or actions they can take to move up from one battery level to the next. This promotes the development of self-regulation skills and empowers children to take control of their emotional well-being.

Personalised approach: Children can personalize their own battery by filling it in with their own coping strategies and identifying the level that best describes how they feel. This allows for individualized reflection and the opportunity to create a visual reminder of their emotional state and self-regulation techniques.


Emotional self-awareness: Charge Your Battery helps children develop emotional self-awareness by recognising and naming their emotions on the scale. This cultivates a deeper understanding of their own emotional states and promotes self-reflection.

Emotional regulation skills: By identifying strategies to move up the battery levels, children learn practical ways to regulate their emotions and manage their energy levels. This empowers them to take proactive steps in maintaining a positive emotional state.

Visual reminder and support: The visual representation of the battery serves as a reminder to check in with their emotions and implement self-regulation strategies. It provides a visual cue for children to engage in activities that recharge their energy levels.

Empowerment and self-control: Charge Your Battery fosters a sense of empowerment as children recognize that they have the ability to influence their emotional state. It promotes a proactive approach to managing emotions and encourages a sense of control over their well-being. This resource is a valuable tool for any parent, professional or caregiver who wishes to help children develop self regulation skills and develop the confidence to recognise and manage their emotions.