Zones of Regulation Football: The Calm Pitch

We've combined the Zones of Regulation with football to help children identify and manage their emotions.

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Resource Info

This activity combines the zones of regulation with football, helping children to identify their emotions and think about how they can stay in the green zone (in the game) using the rules of football.

???? The Calm Pitch is our green zone
???? The Bench is our blue zone or rest area
???? Yellow Cards are our yellow zone
???? Red Cards are our red zone

Use football to help your child learn about the zones of regulation and what each zone means. For example, if they get a red card, this means they are sent off the calm pitch and need to do a calming technique. If they get a yellow card, this is a caution - what can they do to ensure they can stay in the game? If they are on the bench, what can they do to get their energy up and back onto the pitch? We've included a How To with this activity, but we think you could use this lots of different ways!

About this resource

Zones of Regulation Football: The Calm Pitch is an engaging and interactive activity that combines the concept of the Zones of Regulation with football.

Key Features:

• Football Theme: The activity is designed with a football theme, utilising familiar elements of the game to engage children and make the learning experience enjoyable.
• The activity introduces the four zones of regulation (green, blue, yellow, and red) to help children identify and understand their emotions.
• Calm Pitch and Bench: The green zone is represented as the Calm Pitch, where children aim to stay by regulating their emotions effectively. The blue zone is depicted as the Bench, where children can take a break and rest.
• Yellow and Red Cards: The yellow zone is symbolised by a yellow card, serving as a caution, while the red zone is represented by a red card, indicating the need for a calming technique.
• Interactive Learning: The activity encourages children to actively participate in identifying their emotions and strategising ways to stay in the green zone and on the pitch during different situations.


• Self-Regulation Skills: By linking the Zones of Regulation with football, children learn valuable self-regulation skills and techniques to manage their emotions effectively.
• Emotional Literacy: The activity promotes emotional literacy, helping children recognise and explore their emotions and understand the impact of their emotions on their behaviour.
• Engaging and Fun: The football theme adds excitement and enjoyment to the learning experience, making it more appealing and motivating for children.
• Practical Application: Children can apply the concepts learned from the activity in real-life situations, both on and off the football field, to regulate their emotions and make positive choices.
• Versatile Use: The resource can be used in various ways, allowing flexibility for parents, professionals, and teachers to adapt the activity to different scenarios and reinforce the principles of self-regulation.

In summary, Zones of Regulation Football: The Calm Pitch combines the excitement of football with the concept of self-regulation. It helps children identify and manage their emotions while providing practical strategies to stay in the green zone. This resource is a valuable tool for promoting emotional well-being, self-regulation, and understanding of emotions in a fun and interactive way.