Zones of Regulation Fairytale Edition

The Zones of Regulation have had a magical makeover!

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Resource Info

We've given the Zones of Regulation a magical makeover, bringing fairytales to the zones! The Zones of Regulation is a curriculum used in many schools and youth groups, based around the use of four colours to help children self-identify how they're feeling and learn how to self regulate. These four worksheets are full of information to help your children identify and manage their feelings, each sheet provides space to write about what they can do should they find themselves in any particular zone.

More about this resource:

This magical makeover of the popular self-regulation framework is designed to support your child’s emotional development, enhance their emotional literacy, and promote self-regulation skills.

The Zones of Regulation Fairytale Edition takes children on an imaginative journey through a world of fairytales. It combines the well-known concept of the Zones of Regulation with the captivating elements of fairytales, creating an engaging and memorable learning and emotional experience.

This activity empowers children to understand and manage their emotions by categorising them into different "zones." The four zones include the Green Zone (calm and focused), Blue Zone (sad or tired), Yellow Zone (excited or anxious), and Red Zone (angry or upset). By identifying their current emotional state, children can learn strategies to navigate and regulate their emotions effectively.

The fairytale theme adds an element of magic and wonder to the activity, capturing children's imagination and making the learning experience enjoyable. It provides a familiar and relatable context for children to explore the Zones of Regulation and learn about emotional self-regulation in a fun and engaging way.

Parents, professionals, and teachers can utilise this resource to teach children how to recognize and manage their emotions, develop emotional literacy, and enhance their overall emotional well-being. The Zones of Regulation Fairytale Edition can be integrated into various settings, including classrooms, therapy sessions, or home environments.
By incorporating this fairytale-themed approach, children can easily relate to the characters and scenarios presented, making it easier for them to grasp the concepts of self-regulation and emotional management. It offers a comprehensive and interactive way for children to learn about the Zones of Regulation and acquire valuable skills that can benefit them throughout their lives.