Working Through Big Feelings: Trauma Response Workbook for Kids Age 5+

This resource pack features 40 activities for children who have experienced trauma.

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Resource Info

This printable Trauma workbook for kids has been designed to address children’s post trauma response, filled with creative and interactive activities that help them to explore and process their thoughts and feelings. Approved by clinical psychologist, Dr Mairead Hughes.

About this resource:

This is a comprehensive trauma toolkit designed to support children who have experienced trauma. This resource pack contains 40 activities specifically designed to address children's post-trauma response, providing them with creative and interactive tools to explore and process their thoughts and feelings.

Developed over months of work and approved by our clinical psychologist, this printable workbook offers a range of activities aimed at helping children understand their trauma response and manage associated emotions and thoughts. The activities are designed to be supportive and therapeutic, providing children with a safe space to express their worries, fears, and thoughts.

Some of the activities included in the workbook are "The Flashback Fighter," "Blame Pizza," "My Safety Plan," "My Not To Do List," "Can We Talk Cards," "Changing My Thoughts," "My Strength Shield," "Rainbow of Self Care," "My Trauma Triggers," and many more.

It is important to note that this resource is suitable for children aged 5 and above and is recommended to be used by professionals or alongside professional support. We strongly advise that an adult is present when children engage with this workbook to provide guidance and support throughout the process.

By using this trauma response workbook, children can gain a better understanding of their trauma-related feelings and behaviours. It serves as a valuable discussion tool to help children realize that trauma is not their fault and provides them with coping strategies to navigate their journey towards healing and resilience.

This is a psychologist-recommended resource that offers trauma-focused worksheets, activities, and discussions to help children work through their trauma experiences. It is a comprehensive toolkit that can be used by parents, professionals, and teachers to support children on their healing journey.