Why I Love to Read

Help children explore their own love of reading with this prompted activity.

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Resource Info

Why I Love to Read is a worksheet designed to celebrate the joy and benefits of reading. It encourages children to reflect on their favourite aspects of reading, explore their favourite books and characters, and consider the emotional impact that reading has on them.

About this resource:

This book-themed worksheet provides prompts that encourage children to think about why they love reading and encourages them to connect deeper with the books and characters they love.

It also includes an emotional check-in section where children can reflect on how reading makes them feel, helping them to recognise and explore the positive emotions and experiences that reading brings into their lives.

By reflecting on why they love to read, children develop a deeper appreciation for books that enhances their overall wellbeing. They become more aware of the positive impact reading has on their lives, which can further motivate and inspire them to continue reading.


Self-awareness and self-expression: Why I Love to Read promotes self-awareness as children reflect on their favourite aspects of reading and express their thoughts and emotions related to reading.

Emotional well-being: Through the emotional check-in section, children can recognise and articulate the positive emotions they experience while reading.

Engagement and motivation: The activity encourages children to engage actively with their favourite books, characters, and genres. It motivates them to continue exploring new books and maintain a love for reading.

Creative expression: The worksheet allows children to express their creativity by drawing or writing about their favourite moments and memories related to reading. This supports their artistic skills and provides an outlet for their imagination.

Why I Love to Read is a fun and engaging worksheet that celebrates the love of reading, deepening your child’s connection with books, characters and the overall positive experiencing of picking up a good book!