What makes me crack

Think about things that make us angry in this resource. What makes you crack?

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Resource Info

An egg can be surprisingly strong, but if you apply uneven pressure, it will crack. Just like us, we can crack when we're angry, overwhelmed or frustrated. This resource explores things that make us CRACK and lose control!

What Makes Me Crack is a dynamic anger management resource designed for children aged 4-11. This engaging worksheet enables children to explore their anger triggers and better understand what makes them feel angry and frustrated.

Directions: This resource asks your child to come up with four things that can cause them angry, upset or frustrated. This is a great talking tool to help you and your child explore things that can cause us to lose control. Perhaps it's not one thing, but a series of events or maybe it's difficult for your child to identify their own triggers. This is why discussion is so important in this resource, you could even share your own triggers too! Understanding our triggers, can help us to minimise them and manage our response to them more effectively.

Key Features:

• Age Range: 4-11 years
• Worksheet Format: Provides an interactive platform for children to identify and reflect on their anger triggers.
• Anger Trigger Exploration: Helps children recognise and articulate the specific situations, events, or factors that provoke their anger.
• Effective Anger Management: Offers a proactive approach to anger management by empowering children to identify their own triggers helping them to develop strategies for effective anger management.
• Beneficial for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to support children in managing anger.

Fun and Engaging: The resource incorporates elements of fun, creativity, and engagement to ensure an enjoyable experience for children.


What Makes Me Crack helps children develop essential emotional intelligence skills and equips them with tools to manage their anger more effectively. By exploring their triggers, children gain a deeper understanding of their anger, promoting self-awareness and self-regulation. This resource fosters healthy coping mechanisms and empowers children to respond to anger in constructive ways by recognising what makes them angry.