The Happy Llama

What makes you happy? Write it on our llama for feel-good vibes!

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Resource Info

This feel-good activity encourages your child to think of all the things that make them happy, whether it's people, places, food, hobbies - this task challenges them to think of everything that puts a smile on their face. How happy can they make our Llama?

About this resource:

The Happy Llama is a feel-good activity designed for children aged 4 and above. This resource encourages children to reflect on and express what makes them happy. By writing down their sources of happiness, children engage in a positive and uplifting activity that boosts their confidence and promotes positive thinking.

Key Features and Benefits:
• Boost Happiness: The activity aims to boost children's happiness by inviting them to focus on the things that bring them joy. By actively thinking about and writing down what makes them happy, children reinforce positive emotions and cultivate a sense of well-being.
• Confidence Building: Expressing what makes them happy helps children recognise their preferences, strengths, and sources of enjoyment. This promotes self-awareness and boosts their confidence as they identify and celebrate their personal happiness factors.
• Positive Thinking: The activity fosters positive thinking by shifting children's focus towards the positive aspects of their lives. It encourages them to find joy in various areas, such as relationships, activities, and experiences, promoting an optimistic mindset.
• Identifying Happiness: By actively identifying and articulating what makes them happy, children develop emotional intelligence and self-expression. They gain a better understanding of their own emotions and what brings them joy.
• Fun Llama Theme: The llama theme adds an element of fun and whimsy to the activity. Children can enjoy decorating the llama's neck with their happiness factors, creating a visually appealing representation of their joyful experiences.