The Calming Wave

A mindful activit to help children feel calm, once they learn this technique - they can do it from anywhere.

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Resource Info

The Calming Wave is a popular and effective meditation and mindful activity that helps to calm big emotions. Here, we have adapted the Calming Wave for kids, helping them to visualise their wave by adding a fun and creative element!

The Calming Wave visualisation asks your child to imagine a wave washing over their body from their head to their toes to feel calm. We’ve given children their own Calming Wave to colour in and decorate, helping them to vividly visualise the wave as it washes over them, taking away their worries and woes.

About this resource

The Calming Wave activity is a visualisation and colouring activity specifically designed for children aged 4 and up to help them calm their big emotions.

• Guided Visualisation and Colouring: The activity combines guided visualisation techniques with colouring, providing a multi-sensory experience for children.
• Creative Element: Children are given the opportunity to colour in and decorate their own Calming Wave, allowing them to personalise the activity and engage their creativity.
• Calming and Mindful: The Calming Wave aims to help children achieve a state of calmness and mindfulness by visualising a wave washing over their body and taking away their worries as it leaves their bodies.
• Suitable for Children with Additional Needs: The activity is designed to be safe and accessible for children with additional needs, providing a soothing and comforting experience.


• Emotional Regulation: The Calming Wave activity supports children in regulating their emotions by offering a visualisation technique that helps them manage and calm their big emotions.
• Calmness and Relaxation: By engaging in the guided visualisation and focusing on the wave washing over their body, children can experience a sense of calmness and relaxation.
• Creative Expression: The creative element of colouring and decorating their own Calming Wave allows children to express themselves artistically and engage in a calming and mindful activity.
• Mindfulness and Meditation: The activity introduces children to mindfulness and meditation concepts in a child-friendly way, promoting their overall well-being and mental health.

The Calming Wave activity can be utilised by parents, professionals, and teachers to help children manage their emotions, promote relaxation, and teach mindfulness techniques.

This activity is suitable for children with varying needs and offers a tool for parents, professionals, and teachers to assist children in managing their emotions and fostering mindfulness.