Snake Breathing

A sssssoothing experience for little minds! Snake Breathing is a fun deep breathing printable designed to help children feel calm, grounded and focused by tracing our brightly coloured snakes with their fingers, as they regulate their breaths and emotions.

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Resource Info

Snake Breathing is a delightful deep breathing printable activity designed for children to explore mindful breathing in a playful and engaging way.

Featuring four brightly coloured snakes, children are encouraged to trace the snakes slowly with their fingers, taking a deep breath in as they move from the head to the tail and exhaling as they trace back. This rhythmic exercise promotes focus, relaxation, and emotional regulation, making it a valuable tool for introducing children to the concept of deep breathing.

How to use:

  1. Choose Your Snake or Use Them All! - Explore four friendly and vibrantly coloured snakes, choose a snake to trace or complete them in order.
  2. Trace Slowly - Begin at the head of the snake with your finger. As you trace along its winding body, take a slow, deep breath in. Follow the path until you reach the tail.
  3. Breathe In, Breathe Out: - Once you reach the tail, exhale gently and trace back from the tail to the head. As you do, release your breath slowly, allowing each breath to match the movement of your finger. Older children who have can hold their breath at the tail for a few seconds if they wish, before tracing back to the head.
  4. Repeat and Relax - Repeat this soothing exercise for each snake or, if you feel calm and ready to go put it away for another time.

Why Snake Breathing?

  1. Teaches Mindful Breathing: Our Snake Breathing resource introduces children to the concept of deep breathing, promoting awareness of each breath and fostering a sense of calm.
  2. Encourages Focus and Relaxation - The intentional tracing of the snake's body encourages focus and relaxation, providing a gentle way for children to unwind and destress. This acts as a grounding technique, helping children to re-focus on their environment and what is within their control.
  3. Promotes Emotional Regulation - Snake Breathing is a valuable tool for emotional regulation. It teaches children to manage their emotions by connecting with their breath.
  4. Enhances Mind-Body Connection - By synchronising breath with movement, this activity enhances the mind-body connection, helping children to feel grounded and present.

Download Your Snake Breathing Adventure:

Ready for a sssssoothing experience? Download this deep printable for children and guide little ones on a mindful adventure.