FREE: On My Mind Board

Print and laminate our On My Mind Board and encourage your children to express their thoughts and emotions! Perfect for Children's Mental Health Week 2024 and this year's theme of "My Voice Matters."

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Resource Info

Help children to feel like their voice matters this Children's Mental Health Week with our free On My Mind printable board. 

You could laminate and leave with a wipe clean pen and encourage your children to jot down anything that's on their mind. Leave this in a safe and calming space for easy access or use it as a class activity and pass round for your children to communicate what's on their mind.

"My Voice Matters."

This year's Children's Mental Health Week theme is My Voice Matters, a powerful theme of self-advocacy. Children can often feel ignored, or not listened to and sometimes as though they have no say in their lives and decisions. Our On My Mind printable resource is here to help children know that they are able to express themselves when they need to.