My Top 6 Worries

Identify and address worries with the 'My Top 6 Worries' worksheet.

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Resource Info

Identify and address worries with the 'My Top 6 Worries' worksheet. This resource allows children to write down the things that worry them the most on the tree image provided. By acknowledging and writing down worries, this can help children feel calm and provide a platform for developing coping skills.

Key Features:

Worry Identification: The worksheet provides a visual representation of a tree where children can write down their top six worries. This format allows children to categorise and prioritise their worries, helping you – and them – to know which ones to tackle first.

Coping Skills Exploration: By identifying and writing down worries, children naturally begin to think about how they can manage each worry – what actions can they take to reduce the worries in their worry tree?

Reflective Practise: By engaging in this exercise, children have an opportunity to reflect on their worries and gain a better understanding of their impact on their well-being. It promotes self-awareness and encourages children to address and communicate their worries.


Calming and Easing Worries: The act of writing down worries can help children to externalise them, reducing their intensity and providing a sense of relief.

Cognitive and Emotional Development: The process of identifying worries and exploring potential solutions builds critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and emotional intelligence. It empowers children to take an active role in managing their worries and emotions.

Categorising and Prioritising: By categorising worries and focusing on the top six most bothersome, children can gain clarity on the most significant concerns. This helps them direct their attention and energy towards finding effective solutions, reducing anxiety and providing a sense of control.

My Top 6 Worries is a reflective worksheet that enables children to identify and address their most pressing worries and explore actions to manage them.