In My Castle

Help children feel safe and loved by giving them their own castle to retreat to.

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Resource Info

Imagine a big castle on a hill,
This is a safe space for you to fill,
With things you love that bring you joy,
People, pets, objects or toys!
When you next feel sad or low,
You'll have a place that you can go,
Just close your eyes and open the door,
And nothing can upset you anymore.

In My Castle is a wonderful activity to help children create an imaginary safe place. This castle is filled with all the things that they love and helps them to feel safe. Plus we've included some fun facts about how castles kept their inhabitants safe from attack. When life gets a bit too much, they can close their eyes and imagine retreating to the safety of their very own castle.

More about this resource:

This is a powerful, nurturing resource designed to help children feel safe with their very own
comforting retreat. This activity aims to support children in feeling safe, loved, and empowered, particularly those who have experienced trauma or difficult life circumstances.

The castle represents a symbol of strength, protection, and stability, providing a tangible and empowering concept for children to engage with.


• Allows children to develop a sense of safety and control by visualising and creating their own safe space. By personalising their castle, children can explore and communicate their objects and things that help them feel calm and their needs for a nurturing environment.
• This can be beneficial for children who have lived through trauma, domestic abuse, or other challenging experiences.
• Provides an avenue for emotional healing and self-soothing. Creating an imaginary safe place can be a comforting and cathartic experience, enabling children to process their emotions and find solace within their castle retreat. This resource can be particularly valuable in therapeutic settings or when supporting children who are dealing with trauma or emotional difficulties.
• The castle theme adds an element of wonder and imagination to the activity, making it engaging and captivating for children. By associating the concept of safety with a castle, children can develop a deeper understanding of what it means to feel safe and loved.

This is a valuable tool to support children's emotional well-being. It can be used in various settings, including therapy sessions, classrooms, or home environments, to facilitate discussions about feeling safe, providing a sense of security, and promoting healing and resilience.