I Can Harvest Nice Thoughts

Give a confidence boost with this harvest themed resource.

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Resource Info

Use this seasonal resource to encourage children to encourage positive thinking - and help children relish in all those warm and fuzzy thoughts!

About this resource:

I Can Harvest Nice Thoughts is a confidence-boosting resource with a harvest theme. Inspired by the season of harvest and gratitude, this activity encourages children to think about positive aspects of themselves and celebrate their unique qualities. It's a delightful addition to your day that promotes self-reflection and self-belief.

Key Features:

• Harvest Theme: Aligned with the spirit of October and November months, this worksheet incorporates a harvest theme, connecting children to the season of abundance and thankfulness.
• Confidence Boosting: The activity serves as a confidence-building exercise by prompting children to reflect on their positive attributes and qualities. It encourages them to think more positively.
• Thought Management: By engaging in this activity, children develop thought management skills. They learn to focus on positive thoughts about themselves, enhancing their self-esteem and overall well-being.
• Suitable for Various Settings: Whether used at home, in schools, or by professionals, this resource can be easily integrated into daily routines or classroom activities to promote positive self-perception.


• Self-Esteem: Encouraging children to think positively about themselves boosts their self-esteem, helping them to develop a healthy sense of self-worth.
• Gratitude and Reflection: By connecting the activity to the harvest season, children learn to appreciate themselves and their qualities, aligning with the gratitude of the season.
• Positive Thought Patterns: Engaging in this activity cultivates a habit of focusing on positive thoughts, which can contribute to a more optimistic and resilient mindset.
• Personal Growth: By recognising their strengths and positive qualities, children develop a sense of self-awareness and personal growth, leading to improved confidence and emotional well-being.

I Can Harvest Nice Thoughts is suitable for parents, professionals, and teachers working with children aged 5-11. It can be incorporated into various settings, including classrooms, homeschooling environments, or family activities.