How I Feel Today (Grief Emotions)

Track emotions throughout the grieving process.

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Resource Info

This grief tracker is designed to support children in tracking their emotions throughout the grieving process. Grief is a personal process and is different for everyone, this checklist can act as a way of bringing up and discussing any unhelpful emotions or worries your child may have.

About this resource

This grief emotion tracker offers a simple yet effective checklist that helps children identify and communicate their emotions during this challenging time. The resource provides a platform for children to express their emotions and discuss any concerns they may have with a parent, caregiver or professional.

Key Features:

• This resource includes a checklist to track and explore various emotions experienced during the grieving process.
• It helps children navigate grief by providing a tool for understanding and expressing their emotions.
• Children can identify and communicate their emotions at each stage of grief, fostering self-awareness and emotional expression.
• Insight for Supportive Adults: Parents, professionals, and teachers can gain valuable insight into how children feel at different stages of grief, enabling them to provide appropriate support and guidance.
• The checklist prompts learning and conversations about grief, allowing children to discuss their emotions, concerns, and worries in a safe and supportive environment.


• Helps children process their emotions and navigate the grieving process.
• Encourages children to express their feelings and engage in open discussions about their grief.
• Increases awareness and understanding of grief emotions, promoting empathy and compassion.
• Recognises that grief is unique to each individual and offers a space for children to reflect on their personal experiences.
• Professional and Parental Guidance: Provides valuable insights for professionals and parents to better support children through their grief journey.