Design a Doll

Design a Doll helps your child to engage their imagination and communicate their thoughts and emotions.

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Resource Info

How often do you ask your child how they’re feeling and they say ‘fine’ or ‘good’? Children find it hard to vocalise their thoughts and emotions, that’s why our activities are designed to support your child’s mental health and help them communicate what’s on their mind, including in this Design a Doll activity.

Design a Doll helps your child to engage their imagination - we want your children to think of what Barbie they would design if they could. Would she be a scientist? An astronaut? Or perhaps she - or he - would be just like them!

About this resource:

This Barbie-themed activity aims to support your child's mental health by encouraging them to express their thoughts and emotions in a creative and imaginative way.

Imaginative Play: The activity stimulates your child's imagination by inviting them to design their own Barbie doll. They can choose various attributes such as the doll's profession, interests, or even mirror their own characteristics.

Emotional Awareness: The accompanying worksheet then prompts your child to think about how their Barbie feels. By considering the doll's emotions, your child gains insight into their own feelings and enhances their story-telling skills.

Self-Reflection: Through core questions provided in the accompanying worksheet, your child is encouraged to reflect on what makes their designed Barbie unique and special. This promotes self-reflection and self-expression, allowing your child to explore their own identity and values.


Emotional Expression: Design a Doll provides a platform for your child to express their emotions indirectly through their designed Barbie. It helps them explore and communicate their feelings in a safe and imaginative way.

Self-Exploration: The activity prompts your child to consider their own interests, aspirations, and emotions while designing their Barbie. This self-exploration contributes to self-awareness and personal growth, as they connect with their own identity and values.

Empowerment and Representation: With Barbie's new diverse doll range serving as inspiration, this activity empowers your child to envision a Barbie that resonates with them. It promotes inclusivity, representation and the understanding that everyone's uniqueness is valuable.

Through imaginative play and thoughtful questions, your child can design a Barbie that reflects their own identity, emotions, and aspirations. This resource promotes emotional awareness, self-exploration, and empowerment, allowing your child to communicate their thoughts and feelings through Barbie herself!