Build a Friend

Identify traits that make a good friend.

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Resource Info

Build a Friend is an interactive resource designed to help children identify and appreciate the qualities that make a good friend.

About this resource:

Building positive friendships is a crucial aspect of social development and emotional well-being for children. With Build a Friend, children are encouraged to explore and recognise the traits that contribute to meaningful and supportive friendships.

By engaging in this activity, children can develop a deeper understanding of the qualities they value in others and foster the skills necessary for building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Key Features:

• Trait identification: Build a Friend provides children with the opportunity to identify and reflect upon the specific qualities they admire and seek in a friend. They are prompted to consider attributes such as kindness, empathy, honesty, and loyalty.
• Creativity and personalisation: Children can personalise their own friend character by colouring, drawing, or decorating it to reflect their unique preferences and imagination.
• Interactive and hands-on: This resource engages children in an interactive process of selecting and visualising the traits they value in a friend.
• Promotes self-awareness: Through exploring the qualities they admire in others, children gain a better understanding of their own values, preferences, and expectations in friendships.


• Self-reflection and self-expression: Build a Friend encourages children to reflect on their own values and express their preferences through the creation of their friend character, promoting self-awareness and self-expression.
• Positive relationship skills: By identifying and appreciating positive qualities in others, children develop a foundation for building healthy and supportive relationships with peers.
• Empathy and understanding: This resource helps children to develop a deeper understanding of others' perspectives and emotions.
• Social confidence: By recognising the traits they value in a friend, children gain a sense of clarity and confidence in their ability to make informed choices about their own friendships.

With Build a Friend, children embark on a journey of self-discovery and interpersonal growth, laying the foundation for positive, fulfilling, and supportive friendships throughout their lives.