Back to School Pack

33 pages of activities to get children ready for a new year!

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Resource Info

Our Back to School pack features over 30 pages of activities and prompts to help children feel confident about going back to school after the summer break.

About this resource:

The Back to School Pack is a comprehensive resource consisting of over 30 mindful activities, helping children to think positively about their school experience and feel ready for going back to school. Our specially designed activities equip children with the tools they need to feel prepared and self-assured for a new year.

The Back to School Pack equips children with the tools they need to confidently navigate a new school year. By engaging in the activities and prompts, children can develop self-assurance, set meaningful goals, and embrace new opportunities for growth and learning.


• Confidence Building: The activities and prompts in our Back to School Pack are specifically designed to boost children's confidence and help them to feel positive about a new school year.
• Transition Support: Our activities prompt your children to explore their new school year and develop new goals and achievements. This can help children feel motivated and prepared.
• Mindful and Calming: All the engaging activities in our Back to School pack are designed to help children feel calm. We’ve even included a fun breathing technique at the end for them to try if they feel anxious or worries.

The Back to School Pack serves as a comprehensive resource for parents or teachers seeking to assist children in preparing for a new school year. It offers a range of activities, worksheets, and prompts that can be tailored to individual needs and used in various educational settings.