Anger Looks Like

Draw your anger as a living being.

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Resource Info

In this activity we want to help your child think about anger and what it looks like. If their anger was a living being - what would it look like? What would it wear? What makes it angry? This worksheet is all about exploring this emotion and thinking about the things that cause us to want to explode!

About this resource:

This is a fun and creative anger management resource for children, inviting them to visually represent their anger as a living being through drawing. By personifying anger as a living being, children can externalise their emotions and gain a deeper understanding of their anger triggers, patterns, and physical manifestations.

The drawing activity provides a safe and constructive outlet for children to communicate and process their anger. Through their drawings, children can depict how anger feels and looks to them, capturing its intensity, shape, colour, or any other characteristics they associate with their anger.

This resource serves as an effective tool for anger management. By visualising their anger, children can develop a sense of control and agency over their emotions. It helps them recognise and reflect on their anger responses, which is an essential step in learning to manage and regulate anger in a healthy way.

By providing a visual and creative outlet for anger, this resource promotes open communication and understanding within supportive environments.