Weekly Mood Tracker

Track weekly emotions to identify patterns and manage feelings.

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Resource Info

Our Weekly Mood Tracker can help children to become more mindful of their emotions, track patterns and manage day to day feelings. This weekly tracker can be used to track a range of day to day feelings, as we know that during the day, we can go through many different emotions and moods.

About this resource:

The Weekly Mood Tracker is a valuable tool designed to help children become more mindful of their emotions. This simple and effective strategy allows children to monitor and record their emotions throughout the week, promoting self-awareness and emotional management.

Key Features:

• Emotion Tracking: The Weekly Mood Tracker provides a space for children and teens to track a range of emotions they experience on a daily basis. By recording their feelings, children can gain insights into the variety of emotions they go through and identify any patterns or trends that may emerge.
• Pattern Identification: By consistently tracking their emotions over time, children can identify patterns or triggers that may influence their mood. This awareness can help them better understand their emotional responses and develop strategies to manage them more effectively.
• Emotional Management: The Weekly Mood Tracker empowers children to take control of their emotions by providing a visual representation of their feelings. It encourages them to reflect on their emotional states and seek ways to regulate or address any challenging emotions they may experience.
• Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness: Regularly using the mood tracker promotes the development of emotional literacy, helping children to identify, label, and communicate their emotions more effectively. It also fosters mindfulness by encouraging children to be present and attentive to their current emotional state.


• Self-Awareness: The Weekly Mood Tracker helps children become more aware of their emotions and how they fluctuate throughout the week. This self-awareness is key to understanding their emotional well-being and recognising the impact of different situations, times of day or events.
• Emotional Regulation: By tracking their emotions, children can learn to recognise patterns and trends in their mood. This knowledge enables them to implement coping strategies or seek support when needed by allowing them to predict which days or situations may cause a dip in emotions.
• Empowerment and Control: Using the mood tracker empowers children to take an active role in managing their emotions. It encourages a sense of control and ownership over their feelings, promoting resilience and emotional well-being.
• Communication and Reflection: The tracker facilitates communication between children and parents, professionals, or teachers. It also encourages children to reflect on their emotional experiences and develop insights into their feelings.

Target Audience: The Weekly Mood Tracker is suitable for children aged 9-16. It can be used by parents, professionals, and teachers in various settings such as homes, schools, as part of counselling sessions, or therapy programmes to support emotional well-being and promote self-awareness.