The Grief Reef

The Grief Reef takes you through the emotions of grief - what can you do when you feel each one?

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Resource Info

There's something so calm about the ocean. In this grief worksheet for young children, help them navigate the negative emotions of grief and what they can do when they feel each one.

About this resource:

The Grief Reef is a calming and insightful worksheet designed for children aged 5 and above to navigate through the emotions of grief. This resource provides a supportive space for children to explore and understand their feelings during the grieving process.

• Age Range: 5 years and above
• Guides children through the emotions experienced during grief.
• Creates a calming and safe environment for children to explore their emotions.
• Beneficial for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to support children through the grieving process.
• Offers a visually engaging and soothing under the sea theme to provide comfort and a sense of tranquillity.


The Grief Reef serves as a valuable resource for children dealing with grief by providing a structured framework for emotional exploration. It allows children to identify and express their feelings related to grief.

Ideal for parents, professionals, and teachers working with grieving children. Explore the benefits of The Grief Reef as it guides children through emotional healing.